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Are You Prepared?

Spring 2019 Preseason Preparation

Acceleration, Speed, Agility, and Body Awareness

This is a two week intense training program geared to prepare you for your

upcoming tryout. Being physically and mentally prepared before entering will

give you the confidence you need to perform at your best on that day. Many

athletes do not prep themselves physically and psychologically for such an

event. Tryouts can be nerve-racking, but with great preparation you can feel

at ease walking into it, knowing that you are ready to give your best on that

day. Athletes in this program will work on developing their speed and

power, agility and body awareness.

*Be at peak performance for your tryout*

Assessment / Pre-Test and Post-Testing

6 sessions / 2 weeks

March 5th - March 16th

Tuesday and Thursday

4-5pm or 6-7pm

Saturday Morning

10am-11am or 11:15am-12:15pm

**Limited Space Available, only 12 athletes per session**

Call 774-454-8971 to reserve your spot


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