Speed and Agility Training

Summer Program

Program design:


  • 12 weeks 3 or 4 day designed training sessions broken up into 3 phases of training to master stability and movement, strength and power, speed and agility, confidence and healthy habits. Sessions run between 75-90 minutes.


  • “4 days a week is ideal for maximizing your potential growth during this period.  Then when your back in season playing games at a higher volume at least 2 days a week of strength training will continue the growth that was added during the summer.  Consistency is the key to reaching your highest potential, improving a little bit, a day at a time, every day. It’s not what you did yesterday, it’s what you did today that matters.”  Coach Matt



  • Within the first week of the training program, we will be testing to obtain numerous athletic statistics that are essential for any athlete to have, for example the vertical and 40-yard dash tests.  Both show the explosiveness of the athlete and speed.  We will have some new tests that I find to be a better gage of athleticism and more relative to in-game movement.  We will finish the program with the same tests to monitor the improvements. 


Recovery Room:


  • Athlete’s will have access to our Hyperice and Normatec recovery equipment, however, must be monitored and taken through a tutorial before using the equipment. (16 and older recommended)




  • 3 days a week $840

  • 4 days a week $960


Scheduling via Vagaro App morning, afternoon, and evening time slots. Monday through Friday.


Training programming delivered on TrainHeroic App to track progress to the next level. Keeping track of your session count, time, volume, reps, and weights.