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"Matt and I grew up together as athletes and friends so training has always been something we've shared a passion for. Both he and I competed at high levels,  including the collegiate level. With that level of competition comes training with athletes and coaches that have unsurpassed experience and knowledge. I went to Matt for just those things, to gain that competitive edge over my peers and the competition. It was truly amazing to experience what Matt brings to the table each and every session that goes beyond the expectation. The application of knowledge to the sports aspect of training covered all areas including strength, power, endurance, agility, sharpness, and body coordination; that is only the foundation. Matt found a way to trigger my competitive nature and the desire to get better every session. I found myself training in groups of mixed athletes ranging from football to soccer to lacrosse players at all levels. Matt was able to tailor a session to meet the needs of each individual athlete and force them out of their own comfort zone. I have not seen this in any other training environment. As an athlete, coach and consummate professional, Matt will surely strive to push his athletes to their full potential in all areas to include physical, mental, and emotional. I'm excited to see my friend succeed in his endeavors."

Emmett Cosgrove, United States Military Academy, West Point

"My name is Joe Gaziano and I will be playing defensive end as a freshman on the Northwestern University football team in the fall of 2015. I started training with Matt when I was a sophomore at Xaverian Brothers High School. At the time I was not the strongest, certainly not the fastest, and I was not extremely athletic. The training I did with Matt helped me to gain strength and put on pure muscle mass while dramatically improving my speed. I was also able to become more flexible and improve on my hip mobility which translated right to the field. My junior season I recorded 12 sacks and 63 tackles and caught the attention of many Division 1 football programs. Matt holds his clients to a high expectation and when athletes are willing to put in the work, he has the tools and knowledge to help you achieve all your athletic goals."

Joe Gaziano, Atlanta Falcons

After five years of training, I have to say that the training I have received here has been the best I have ever received. Through many injuries and rehabilitation after surgeries, the training is specialized to each of my needs. He is able to isolate each of the muscle groups without straining the injury more, providing a rehabilitation program that I would argue is better than a physical therapy program. Although he has taught me to run twice, each time in the gym is a great experience. The community in the gym is incredible; filled with athletes that want to make each other bigger, stronger, and faster. The training system established works because of the hearts of the athletes in the gym, as well as Matt’s personal desire for each of the athletes to become the best they can be. His personal training sessions have gotten me the results that I have wanted to see, and so much more. Matt’s pushes each athlete through each session and the incredibly tough conditioning circuits that are required to be a varsity athlete. And he strives for each athlete to get the results that coaches look for in the recruiting process. As a trainer, he goes above and beyond to truly become friends with the people he trains. Matt’s personality makes the sessions a great place to get a solid workout in at night, and also a great place to start the day in the morning. He emphasizes the science behind training, and his workouts are superior to those provided in other settings. Without a doubt, Matt has brought me from a mediocre injured middle schooler to a Division 1 Rugby player through his intense sessions and devotion to hard work. He is someone I trust to point me in the right direction and someone that guides me to be the best athlete and person I can be.

Cole Scheiber, Tufts University

"In my three years with Matt, we focused on explosiveness in speed, agility, and jumping.  We also focused on building a stronger body.  Each workout was different and great in its own way.  Matt brought my forty times down, my vertical jump up, and my lifting numbers up."  

Mike Silva, Milton Academy

"Becoming a better athlete isn’t easy. It isn’t handed to you, it doesn’t just happen. Becoming a stronger, faster, better athlete takes hard work, time, and dedication. These were things I never respected before Matt became our soccer coach my Junior year at Sacred Heart High School. I never had the time to go to the gym and train, I was never dedicated enough to eat right, and I can openly admit I was a slacker when it came to working hard. Matt brought new energy to our team and to me. He instilled in me these values which have helped me tremendously in achieving my goals as a soccer player and as an athlete in general. The one thing preventing me from being great was my body and my work ethic. Matt molded me, mentally and physically my Junior and Senior year. He set goals, lofty goals, but goals he knew I could achieve along with my teammates. His first year coaching, we made it to the South Section Semi-finals, overshooting our goal of just making tournament. That summer I spent my time in the gym in Matt's elite sports performance program.  The following season  I was named to the All-State team, Eastern Mass All Star team, was a Mayflower League all star and the MVP.  I was also a Patriot Ledger, Boston Herald and Boston Globe All Scholastic. I may have accomplished these things on the field, but I owe these awards and my success to Matt. I not only owe Matt for how he has shaped my body but I owe who I am today in part because of Matt. He is someone I truly look up to and trust to guide me in the right direction."

Kieran Kelleher, Sacred Heart High School

"My name is Matt Beauregard, and I'am a senior at Assumption College. I was a four year collegiate athlete and played middle linebacker for the Grey Hounds. Over my four years I was fortunate to work with a skilled and knowledgeable trainer. Playing at a division II school in a competitive conference, it was vital that I pushed myself to be the best athlete I could be in and outside the season. Working closely with Matt over my four years proved to me that his methods of training were key to my success on the field.  Not only did his personal training sessions get me the results I wanted and got me playing on the field, but he pushed me to limits I never thought possible. When looking for a trainer, the last person you want is someone to move you through the motions. You want someone who will push you and continue to make you a better athlete, like Matt.  I have nothing but the best things to say about this man as a person, a trainer, and most importantly a great friend. I strongly recommend and advise any athlete looking for superior training to get you to the next level to go to Matt and embrace his science in training technique. Without doubt he will make you the best athlete you can be on the field and I am a true example of that." 

Matthew Beauregard, Assumption

“After my first year playing for him I decided to join his sports performance class with a couple other team mates where we worked on becoming stronger for the next season.  I have now been doing this program with Matt for two years and I never have had to work harder than when I was training with Matt.  I always end up in the best shape of my life after doing the summer long program. It ends just in time for soccer season which has given me a great advantage on the pitch.  I would strongly recommend the summer elite program to anyone who is looking to have a good time while getting in shape and preparing for the next sports season."

Kyle Coleman, Sacred Heart High School

My son Tommy has been going to Matt for training for the last 6 months or so.  The experience has been awesome.  Tommy has become stronger, faster and has had less injuries on the lacrosse field since he started.  Matt provides training based on in or off season, sets goals and talks about the importance of nutrition and proper rest.  Tommy has learned a lot at MB Performance Institute and I am confident this programming will improve his high school performance.

Shaun Condon Father of Tommy Condon, Silver Lake High School

I began training with Matt and his staff at the beginning of the summer going into my senior year of high school at Silver Lake Regional. Eager to physically and mentally grow as an athlete, I quickly picked up on the movements and concepts being taught to me along with the science behind them; Matt’s character and charisma are what made this come to me so easily. Getting into my season, I immediately saw how the experience I was having at MBPI was translating to my sport. As a horizontal jumper and sprinter, the emphasis on speed, power, control, efficiency, and injury prevention helped me go from “just another track athlete” to a premiere performer my region of the country. I rose to the top of the ranks in 3 events in the state of Massachusetts. Through these results, I was recruited to join the roster of the team at Division 1 High Point University in North Carolina.

Not only does this facility cater to active athletes of every sport, but it also caters to injured athletes as well. Suffering a groin pull at the end of the winter, Matt and I worked to rehabilitate and restabilize my body after this. Coming back in the late spring, I ended up making it to the state championship in the long jump. Continuing to work throughout that summer, I left for my freshman year of college in August. As soon as preseason began, I saw how his coaching and mentorship had impacted me. The movements and program in the weight room came naturally to me, understanding my coach’s concepts easily.

MB Performance Institute is the premiere athletic training facility in the region. Not only is some of the equipment the most advanced one can find on the market, but also the training environment and Matt’s character aid in this statement. The environment within the walls of MBPI is one that inspires and values hard work, teamwork, and growth, among others. Over time, great physical and mental changes to myself have become apparent. I see a better version of myself in the mirror, along with a “can do” attitude and practice new ways of thinking due to the viewpoints and knowledge from other athletes. Matt is not only a coach, but a mentor and friend as well. He has a relationship with every person that steps through his door and works to develop every individual to their best form.

To any person looking to better themselves in athleticism or life, and to any parent looking for an environment that offers an inspiring and supportive, yet safe and fun environment for their child to enjoy and become better in their sport, look no further than MB Performance Institute.

Max Shirikjian Silver Lake Regional


“I’ve had the privilege of working with Matt for over a year and half. I came to him for weight loss, personal training and more specifically, desperate to get my back physically in shape to where I could not only function normally but hopefully be able to golf a few times a week, be more mobile, etc, which I was unable to do. Matt was much more than I could have ever asked for... After going to chiropractors and specific doctors, Matt was by far the most effective and best solution. I lost 35 pounds, am much stronger, healthier and have continued to use his program to continue to build strength and lose body fat (and can swing the golf club like I once could)! To top it off, he has been extremely helpful from a nutritional standpoint, constantly providing me with not only healthier and better eating habits, but also tailoring his recommendations based on exactly the body type that I am looking for. The MB Institute doesn’t just enforce strength, speed and agility but also provides nutritional tips and benefits to keep you on track to reach your specific goals. Matt has had a significant contribution to my overall health and life style and I’m always excited for our next session! “

Ryan Zdanis, Entreprenuer

“My name is Terry Healy and I have been attending the adult performance training under Matt’s leadership for the past 3 years. His program(s) have helped me tremendously to accomplish many personal goals.

What I like most about his workouts is you never see the same one twice and they are all extremely challenging. In almost every workout you are working on a mix of strength and cardiovascular so you leave his 

Gym feeling very confident you got the best full body workout possible. I actually started the program a year after my wife Christine and we now have our oldest daughter attending his classes and she absolutely

loves it. She is a freshman in college and Matt has put her in the best physical condition possible as she gets ready to start her 1st year of college softball. It’s become a way of life for all of us and we’re 

very happy to be able to continue challenging ourselves in his gym 3-4 days a week. I highly recommend his program to any aspiring college athlete as well as any adult who wants to be challenged to keep themselves

In the best physical condition possible”.

Terry Healy, Executive VP of TradeBE

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